Graphic Novels by Marcelo Vital

The Secret Around-the-World Adventures of
Owney, the Postal Dog

Written by Marcelo Vital
Art by David Montgomery

Owney was a real dog, unofficially adopted as the US Postal Service mascot in the 1890s. He loved to travel, and he journeyed extensively across North America on his own by hitching rides aboard mail trains and wagons. In 1895 he made a trip around - and now we reveal the secret adventures of Owney during his international travels. This project was funded via Kickstarter.


Written by Marcelo Vital
Art by David Montgomery

It's 1904 and the world has come to St. Louis for the most amazing Exposition ever seen: The Louisiana Purchase World's Fair. But as fairgoers behold the birth of the future, a sinister scheme threatens the reining spirit of peace and goodwill. A delivery boy stumbles upon a dangerous conspiracy and unwittingly becomes the Fair's only hope.


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